Sunday, January 8, 2017

Discussion on Public Attitudes on Social Security Reform

The issue of Social Security Reform is going to be one that is going to come into focus very quickly in the coming Presidential Administration, which is only weeks away. There is a segment of Americans who do not believe this is going to be the case. However, even if incoming President Trump does not wish Social Security reform, it will nonetheless be a priority for the Republican-led Congress, which is going to compel the discussion -- and possible change -- during the next four years.

Now is not the time to put one's head into the sand and wish to ignore the coming events. The above video was not created by some fringe political group, but rather by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which is a Conservative organization that is proposing change.

How someone feels about Social Security is up to them. However, know that a time of great decision is coming and understand that knowing what is going on is better than finding out about it only after changes have been made. This issue is coming, and it will have to be contended with, as the conscience of each person dictates.

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