Monday, September 23, 2019

Joe Azzolina Tribute

A dear friend. The late NJ Sen. and USNR Capt. Joe Azzolina, in a tribute that is far too brief. He was a good politician for people of both parties, though he was Republican. Mr. Azzolina served as both a State Senator and as an Assemblyman, respectively. He was an entrepreneur who employed many people in Central New Jersey. And, he served his country in World War II, in the North Atlantic with the U.S. Navy and for many years after in the Reserves. He was a great family man and a wonderful mentor. He really made a mark in this world, and left the world better than he found it. That is the best anyone can do, in my opinion.

The Battle Of Saint Lo: WW2

I am a bit biased in presenting this battle. My father, James J. Purcell, Sr. fought in this fight. And, thank God, he came out the other end. For my late Pops, thanks for your service, Sir.

The Purcell Chonicles Advances on 175K Views


The Purcell Chronicles were established in September, 2013 by myself. It is an outlet for my writing and for the news that I find important in the area of the military, be that current military advances or military history. I also post some general news here, as well as some things about the arts and education. Since that time, The Purcell Chronicles have garnered more than 173,000 views and it's homing in on 175,000.

Who ever thinks that a site like this will draw regular readership? I didn't when it started. Yet, I have tried to post works that had meaning, whether they were my own works or those of quality contributors to YouTube. This site has been, and will always be, 'family friendly,' which means you will not find nudity or foul language here.

As always, this site is not paid, it earns no money. It never will. This site is my hobby and that is all. Still, I take a great deal of pride in being a regular stop for so many people around the globe. Thank you for coming, it is very appreciated. Please keep on doing so.