Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Helping to Find a Veteran a Job (Part II)

When dealing with the issue of finding veterans jobs, it has already been discussed, in Part I of this series, about just a few of the issues that one must examine.

It is enough to say that there are any number of issues to deal with when many veterans are seeking to re-establish themselves back in the work world.

It is not possible to enumerate 'routine issues' that some of these vets might have. So, everyone is unique. Circumstances are unique, as are the personalities that one will encounter when dealing with a veteran population.

Once reliable housing and transportation is accounted for, then the business of creating a strategy for finding potential jobs, putting together a sound resume and coverletter(s), and preparing the veteran for interviews comes into play.

Strategies for finding veterans jobs are going to be unique to the veteran. In the case of someone without many area ties, applying to jobs outside the state one is in may be viable. If there is not enough financial strength for a veteran to do this, then the coverage are of a job search may be the approximate range of the vehicle involved. Remember, though, that 'reliable transportation' is not always a personally owned car. If a veteran lives within an area that has a good public transportation system then a bus line or a train may constitute reliable transportation.

Of some importance is whether or not the veteran has a phone. Not having a telephone can mean the difference between getting and not getting a job. So, it is important the veteran acquire one, if they do not have a phone, prior to doing substantial work with them.

Here is a case in point: A 25-year-old U.S. Army veteran who was a construction engineer in the service. He lives within an urban area in a crowded city. He is seeking to begin again in the workforce after he has recently left the service.

One approach for this would be to first examine the assets that are on-hand : the veteran is physically capable of work. He may not have any formal civilian education in construction, but he has some educational experience with it through the military. In addition, this veteran has been building various things by hand for four years. He does not have a criminal record, but he does not have a driver's license.

The answers for this veteran are not just a job, or school, but a combination of both. When assisting someone, of course, no one can tell someone they have to do something. Rather, it is a situation where helpers make recommendations to people they are working with. Whether or not someone listens to those is neither here nor there, because helping stops being 'help' when someone is trying to force anyone to do anything.

First, I would look for construction companies, union halls, private firms or even state, local or Federal job postings that have something to do with the vocational training and/or experiences the veteran has previously had. It is always better to put a round peg into a round hole.

Next, for the vocational future of the veteran, I would suggest additional, civilian education -- be that vocational or educational, depending upon the field or position they work in or wish to work in.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Going 'Low Tech'

Last post on Facebook: promise.

So, I have a pretty good idea of who got into my account. I didn't log out correctly, apparently, and someone just sat down and thought they were going to "joke around." Yeah, in these days, there is so much that is not social and shouldn't be in the media I said screw it and shut down the account.

It cannot be a good thing having one's information out there in the first place. So, I shut off not only my Facebook but my also because if it can happen with Facebook then it can happen there too.

OK, my electronic rants are out for the moment. But, I am a lot more comfortable with the "low tech" approach to living, as opposed to the global electronic one. I just told a friend of mine that I do a good enough job making myself look like an ass, I don't need any help.

So, this will be the only place anything I say anything publicly, and I'll cross my fingers about no one doing the same in Google.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

How Did Galileo Galilei Change the World Today? Documentary Science Spa...

Nikola Tesla's Life New Documentary Full

Tesla is an interesting topic. He has very strong admirers and detractors. For a scientist, he certainly was polarizing, which one might not ordinarily think of scientists.

Angry mother beats son for participating in Baltimore riots - BBC Urdu

The Baltimore Riots and a mother's love. Well, the world has become what it has become. No doubt in my mind, the mother involved did the right thing. It is sad that she was left with the choices she was.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Documentary -Edward R Murrow vs Joe McCarthy.-

I am secure in the knowledge that no one in their 20s or 30s today in America has ever heard of Edward R. Murrow or the Communist Witch Hunts of the 1950s. So, this will be one of my least read or observed posts. This fact, in itself, is a stinging indictment to our educational system, which has in some places become nothing more than a propaganda machine for right wing talking heads or ignorant politicians who had an appeal to the Great Unwashed. Still, it happened and Americans should have never forgotten it.

Albert Einstein Documentary HD

This is a wonderful biography of the immortal Albert Einstein. In this age of people knowing so little, it is a relief from the world we live in to remember when some people were bright. I hyper-linked Einstein's name so most Americans would know who he is these days.