Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Issues These Days is White Supemacy


This column is almost preposterous to write. Why? Because most Whites see their heritage as being like those who are Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Arab, Semitic, etc. There is no race better than another. There is no race more deserving than another. God loves wondrous diversity, and that is what He created. 

But the most dangerous threat to the United States is White Supremacists in this hour. In my life, I have always believed that the intergration of the races was the best thing to happen in our world. Why? Because no one, and no class of people, would be 'pure' anymore. 

Both my daughters were half Hispanic and half White. And, they are both White. It is srictly a descretion of God. But that does not make them better than anyone else. It makes them more diverse than Whites or Hispanics. It makes them the best of both of their traditions. 

I do not know what to tell Whites, other than there is no love like the love for all of God's people. Actually, the whole thing bores the heck out of me. Be kind to people, and you can expect that back. Be an evil person....well, you get that back too. 

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