Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Turned down by Fabula Press

The nicest turn down letter I ever received...

Dear Nivalis2015 Participants,

With the contest now concluded allow us to first of all thank you for giving us the opportunity to read your stories. The longlisted entries have been published in the Nivalis 2015 anthology, which is available on sites. 

As may be expected, the greatest challenge that we face with our contests is the judging part - we acknowledge that assessing the merit of the stories is influenced to a large degree by personal tastes and opinions, and  many of the stories that we are required to leave out are purely on account of logistical constraints and might otherwise have won a place in the anthology - much as we would like to, it is technically not feasible to publish an anthology of 50 or 100 stories. 

That said, we are deeply grateful for your support, and a formal acknowledgement of the same is in order. We have accordingly decided to gift you a pdf copy of the Aestas 2014 anthology as a token of our gratitude. This IS a gift, with no strings attached. If you do feel like it, however, we would welcome reviews of the book on Amazon / Goodreads. Or you could just mail them to us, to be displayed on the Fabula Press site. 

Please note that the book is readable on any pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

As many of you maybe aware, the summer contest from Fabula Press Aestas 2015 is now open, and we shall be accepting submissions till30Sep15. Unlike the earlier contests we have decided to do away with the theme this time, and have also made some changes to the word count requirement. Should you wish to enter, please review the guidelines at .

Kind regards, and happy writing!

Fabula Press Team

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